Saturday, November 24, 2007

the mindless timeless

chilly san francisco saturday mornings make me feel fine.
got up and walked down to phil's for some coffee and by the time i got home i was riding the bean heavy and hard.
decided to begin work on a book of drawings and legendary myth but figured i would start with the drawings and work backwards.
what is more universal than good versus evil? maybe love. that's the next one. we'll see if i can finish it and find a way to print it for mass consumption.

how's everybody doing? i worry.
here's some stuff i've been into:
-bill fox (i looked for his records forever, finally just bought them on itunes. epic smallness.)
-subletting a room with nothing in it but a desk and a bed. i secretly wish for a small fire to burn up all my stuff i have stored away somewhere.
-pepperidge farm
-friends, why do i know so many great people? because i don't hang out with jerks. everyone i know is a genius.
-the conversation by francis ford coppola. holy crap!
-wooly hat
-my new f*%#ing sweater from norway


Mystic Friendsy said...

lavender cowboy said...

oh yes please another book of illustrations by Nat!

luluiswho said...

i'm doing pretty good. thanks for asking. i'll be better when you come visit!!

Frank said...


best euphimism ever for coffee buzzing!!

We need to have a bean riding date. I'll bring my denim cowboy hat. And a pen!