Wednesday, November 21, 2007

brand new autumn

i have returned to the bay area but not to my home. i'm moving out of there and floating for a little while. here's the morning view out the window of the place where i am staying for the next week or two:

and here is my new favorite sweater, purchased yesterday. it is from norway. just in time for the holiday season:

this sweater means a lot to me. i spent more money on it than i have on almost any piece of clothing in a while: $30. i bought it from a little store underneath the office where i work sometimes. a little place that's been there for years, supplying the east bay with all their pants needs. but this sweater is important because i've been trying to make a conscious effort to spend my money on real valuable things that will last at independent shops. you gotta vote with your dollars because that's really the only thing many people understand. sometimes it's not too convenient but you have to go out of your way to keep the important stuff alive. imagine ten years from now with no little bookstores, no record shops, only macy's and target to buy your clothes. this sweater is the past and the future all in one! viva la sweater!

that's why i like this weblog deal. one day you can write about art or music, some inspiring thing, or a stupid sweater. god bless the internet.


lavender cowboy said...

i wish i had a foot over here and the other one over there (bay area). i miss that amazing golden light at the end of the day. california...

pushingtide said...


Anonymous said...

$30 bucks? your moving up in the world. I love this sweater and the idea of Norway. beautiful.