Thursday, March 27, 2008

sell out

i'm on the move right now. more to come soon.

calendars are sold out. sorry. maybe another one soon? thanks for everybody that ordered one. i heard the post office was a little brutal on some of them, so let me know if they got screwed with in transit.


lavender cowboy said...

you did keep one aside for me, didn't you? how come you haven't answered my email where i asked for your mailing address where i could send you a check for that march to march calender...? you are worrying me.

nathaniel russell said...

chill, baby baby. i have one set aside special. it is excited to go to france.

magical said...

i'm over missing out on everything and not seeing you around town. everyone else says they see you ie, i saw nat at shalimar blah blah blah!
see you friday!

monkeyglen said...

I need show details! I also need a bouquet of pickles and a Pandy porn. Where are you? Throw a hamhock and it will lead you to me.
Love always,

luluiswho said...

mine came beauts, mega happy. super stoked. mega love. xo