Thursday, March 13, 2008

back to the gnome

as if this week wasn't already filled with enough madness, now there is this:

the good people at YES PRESS in emeryville have begun a line of artist's shirts, and they chose me as one of the first. i am honored! this particular design is called BONE OF THE GNOME, a concept with which i have recently become enamored.

this drawing was originally done in a sketchbook in big sur, while hippies milled about eating cheeseburgers and sipping anchor steams. my good friend aaron and i were sitting on a porch, surrounded by redwoods, attempting to make the most ridiculous/amazing cosmic drawing of all time. this is the result. (i believe aaron's contribution was, "dude, draw a pyramid eye astral projecting another eye!"). yes, that is a yeti frontside boardsliding on an eagle's wing, as it clutches a writhing salmon, being watched by the pyramid illuminati eye, as a flying dolphin passes the dutchie to the yeti, and it begins again. it's called the circle of life, friends.

the talented elves at YES PRESS took this drawing, made it technicolor and delivered it through millions of small mesh squares onto fabric in the form of a tee shirt. if you like this, if you like beautiful craftsmanship and a do-it-yourself ethos of making good stuff happen: support YES PRESS by going here and checking out all the other shirts now available. did i mention it's limited edition? it is. there is also another color of shirt and a women's cut muscle shirt version. nice.

(but wait, you say, there's not even a gnome or a bone in this drawing. look inside your heart. it was there the whole time. you're welcome.)



minardi said...

Man -- you had me up to the smoking dolphin. That really set me on a "bum ride"

note: If the dolphin were smoking through it's blow-hole, that would be acceptable

nathaniel russell said...

dude, it's passing the dutchie to the left hand side, it may have been blowhole-ing it, or just acting as a delivery-dolphin. i would never condone a sea mammal smoking.