Wednesday, March 19, 2008

vision creation footlong

i went to see the boredoms play last night. yes, it was mindblowing and the boredoms are the best band in the world.

one thing i really like about the fillmore besides their ridiculously overpriced beer, overzealous employees, and questionable poster art (sorry, fillmore poster designers 1990-present. yipes!) is how they make menus specific to the night's act. for example, for the boredoms, they offer nachos, veal, something called "the manhole cover", and, my favorite, the chili cheese dog. oh, and thanks bartender for implying that my friend might have herpes and that i shouldn't let her sip my beer! that was awesome!

all joking aside, the boredoms are the best band on the universe and you should go see them play.


Anonymous said...

See here or here

jacob said...

saw them for the first time in LA earlier this month. i left speechless.

freshpinkstyle said...

Hey Nat! I found your blog through Rubi-related web connection. It's Megan here (Russ B's GF) and just need to comment haha, love that chili dog menu. I was at the show too and it was awesome, though I failed to bring earplugs and am a little more deaf now!