Tuesday, April 1, 2008

beneath the banana

i pulled back the banana peel and exposed it's concrete middle

though he tried to puff it out, it was obvious to all that i won the beard/hesh contest between myself and andy.

and now excerpts from
"The Collected Illustrations From The Autobiography Of Pipe Jackson, Volumes 1-4"
a forthcoming anthology. these drawings are going with 5 silkscreens to a show at Space 1026 in Philadelphia that opens friday.

Volume 2, page 84: "Strangling A Witch For Freedom'

Volume 3, page 22: "My First Wife, The Bearded Lady, Sits On The Ground And Thinks About Things""

Volume 1, Page 264: "Scene From The Vision Quest"

Volume 4, page 473: "The Creeping Dark"


Allen Ginsberg In Space said...

Dear Nat, I just wanted you to know how i feel about you. Well, I love you?

lavender cowboy said...

yeah, i feel the same way. no interrogation mark.

nathaniel russell said...

me, too?

magical said...

i want a black bar over the paper plate guy in the background too!