Friday, February 1, 2008

sweet sister

sister corita's rules for the art department when she taught at immaculate heart. what a good name: immaculate heart. my heart is tidy. i'm sure we've seen this around on other places, but i'm putting it here, too, because:
-anything written about sister corita kent just adds more goodness in the world. sister corita is pure goodness, creativity, and will
-these are correct

-the sun is out, maybe not a rainy weekend
-go see white rainbow at eleanor harwood tomorrow night!
-possible bay gulls video shoot this weekend?
-off topic, but dang, have you seen the john cardiel episode of epicly later'd? it's 16 parts! part one is up now at, that weird vice/viacom web tv channel. art talk is pretty good on there, too. and the lance bangs show. (update: and hi shredability is also quite tasty. how could i forget?)


seamouse said...

Don't forget hi shredability!
That show is real nice.

zack said...

whatever is worth...ole sister ripped this one off of john cage.