Wednesday, February 6, 2008

new buds

so far, 2008 is all about new friends. here are a few so far:

introducing The Duchess (aka Technology Dawg)

the thing with no name. it enjoys pizza and going to art openings. now lives at casa ribbons.

and this little sleepy guy. might want to watch your piehole on BART, brother.
more to come. more buds.


pushingtide said...

If you party over in Berkeley, don't pass out on the BART on the way back over to the City because if you are on the last train it will continue back on over all the way to Pittsburg and you will have to sleep and puke on a cold train platform until the 6am train back to the City. Or so I've heard.

Mystic Friendsy said...

i see that polter-beard in the reflection!

minardi said...

BTW, I saw 10 minutes of Air Bud the other day.