Friday, February 8, 2008

brick a brack

just some friday randomness that i found in the depths of the caverns of ye olde hard drive area, which i may or may not have posted a year or so ago:

a few old fliers:

keep your ears peeled for the tofu gravity children reunion.

it was just that deep. so deep it put that butt to sleep.

and squeaky just hanging out in her elf costume trying to shoot gerald ford (not really, but kind of really.) also, she is keeping busy in the joint with some amazing/insane embroidery: which i can't find online... but i'm telling you: incredible. if anyone has this issue of Newsweek, give it to me.


Chris said...

diggin that top one alot

Cielle said...

her name is not squeaky! it's "red". you should know better!

Ryan said...

the top one rules!