Monday, February 11, 2008

this is the smoke inside of you

it was my birthday a week ago. it was nice to see friends and hang out and get old. things just get better and better and weirder and weirder.
i got an amazing gift from my buddy felix. felix is the son of my friends terri and jason, and is known for being an amazing primal drummer, train enthusiast, and having particularly lucid visions of the nature of things. he did this drawing for me, then dictated the meaning of each portion so that i could better understand. essentially, felix was able to put into words and lines some things that concern all of us, and also convinced me of his telepathic abilities. little dude read my mind. and he gave me the title of a large drawing that i'm going to make and end up having to give to him. because it's not cool to lift titles from a toddler and profit from it. felix is the real deal.
david johnson once told me something to the effect that every kid is a better artist than every adult. i think this is true.


Toddy said...

Man, I love that kind of stuff.

squishy said...

I am so bummed I missed your birthday...felix laid it down well...