Wednesday, October 31, 2007

the way things tend to occur

here are some things that have happened:
-i dropped a wheat thin in the toilet
-i got a haircut by a nice lady with a tattoo named lindsey.
-started a new book about a lot of political mishmash, but mostly about how we all have been, and continue to be, for lack of a better word, fucked.
-overreacted and felt pretty badly about it.
-got really scared and bailed on a frontside carve in the big bowl in austin.
-felt old.
-talked to a dog about why he should not eat poop.
-found this record i've been looking for for a long time:

-spent 50 cents wisely:

-put these guys in a box and sent them to california:

a sure birth

the way things fit


Toddy said...

That guy on the album cover. That guy is exactly what I am shooting for. 70's/early 80's High School history teacher. Courdoroy Coat with leather elbow patches. Intellectually long hair and chilli dog lovin mustache. There is something deep in the psyche that is drawn to that tip.

nathaniel russell said...

"McDonald and Giles". it's so good. king crimson dudes singing about icarus or something. sickest drumming ever.

minardi said...

Dude you found a copy of that? Kudos and such. Probably lucky because it's the day after the Dav's b-day.