Monday, October 22, 2007

the us eternal

so maybe you've been looking at all these photos and been saying to yourself, "what is this?"
perhaps i forgot to mention that i am in austin, texas, working on a project with my old friend lisa choinacky. this project is a little different than anything either of us have done before in that it is a performance. yes, a performance. all these pictures are of props, projections, and false dolphin heads that we have been making for the past couple weeks. it is called Everybody Ever and it will be performed at Okay Mountain on this coming saturday at 7:30, just as the sky is darkening. we have help from new/old friends and a soundtrack provided by mr. josh parks of the band magic surprise. so if you are in town, or you know some people in town, send them over. there will be a pre and post-show photo opportunity, various small objects, and from what i understand, a keg of beer. (if you miss it, we will be doing a final austin performance on new years eve as part of Austin First Nights, and we hope to bring it to SF and LA in the new year.).

(((((((also, thanks for all the people that have been commenting on the blog these past months, we're coming up on a year in action and i have many new blog brothers and sisters out there that have been giving me some extra inspiration in my life. who knew there were so many wonderful people on earth? we did, of course (as a single tear flows).))))))

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Frank said...

russell!! your are a darn genius!!