Tuesday, October 2, 2007


so this is my idea for a shirt or a pin. using the strongest and most stable of shapes to illustrate the three toughest dudes in popular song: The Foge (john Fogerty), The Sege (Bob Seger) and The Coug (John Cougar (Mellencamp)). maybe it would work better with drawings of their faces? no, because then you would not get to explain it to people and say the name "Coug." it's very satisfying to say all three in a row. Foge. Sege. Coug. all ending with the hard G. i hope somebody rips this off. then i can sue them for a million dollars! if you get a tattoo of this i'll buy you the complete bob seger discography on LP.


Mystic Friendsy said...

i already have that tattooed...on my heart.

Toddy said...

Funny, I have been thinking a good blog sort of thing would be to have a full call out for submissions of ideas scribbled on napkins. These reminds me of that.

In fact, I am making that general call. Right here in this comment.
I wonder how many people will see it.