Tuesday, October 2, 2007


so i'm going to austin for a stretch pretty soon. my roommate mark used to live in san marcos where he worked in a taqueria. so i promised him i would go and eat a taco and go swimming or whatever it is you do there. then i read that perhaps my favorite writer ever teaches or lives in san macos, that being Denis Johnson. he's probably famous for writing a book that turned into a movie called "jesus' son" but for me the real deal is "already dead", which i read in a blizzard in indiana in 1999 and what convinced me to move to northern california. maybe if he teaches a class i can sneak in? the guy just seems super cool. maybe i could buy him a taco.

About his poetry, the poet and fiction writer Raymond Carver said, "Denis Johnson's poems are driven by a ravening desire to make sense out of the life lived. The subject matter is harrowingly convincing, is nothing less than a close examination of the darker side of human conduct. Why do we act this way? Johnson asks. How should we act?"

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