Thursday, December 30, 2010

new nothings 2011

new calendar for a new year!
this year, i made a tear-away sheet for each month.

check out the perforations for easier tearing-away.

all the pages are fastened with these weird metal clasps i found.

here's what the top part looks like.
my little ron cameron tribute
here's wishing you year of new nothings.

like i said, each month has a page, with space for writing stuff like your kids' doctor's appointment or steve's rad party

also birthdays of note, some moon phases, made-up and real holidays

a couple suggestions for those off-days, too

it's a two-color silkscreen on yellow recycled paper
photocopied pages for the months
it's 18x24 as usual

signed and numbered edition of 100
you can get one here
hope you like it and that the last couple days of your 2010 are sweeter than you could even dare to dream. 2011 should be the one, right? right.

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