Monday, December 20, 2010

never not cruising around

luna is a the record store i worked at some years ago here in indianapolis. we made a record bag!

and some shirts. watch the product, man!

if you can guess what me and michael (asst. manager?) used to listen to when we swept up after closing up the shop in 2000 i will send you a free prize. (hint: it was not allowed to be played while the store was open) actually, that dude never swept up. he made me do it. then i would have to go buy him roast chicken from boston market with a side of corn.

there was a time when people were always trying to get me to draw bigfoots and i would say, "NO." but it's winter and this dude must cruise. if you want one of these for your holiday t-shirt wearing needs, you can go to the luna store online here or go to the actual store and get some records and support your local independent record shop.


magical said...

metallica! you would close and listen to metallica!
michael baby cheesecakes forever!

nathaniel russell said...

you win! i'll bring the prize to the pinkg pong tournament. if you can guess which album it's double!

magical said...

ride the lightning!