Friday, December 24, 2010

mystery blister & peacebum

Special Exits: Joyce Farmer from DANGEROUS MINDS on Vimeo.

this is an interview with joyce farmer about her book "special exits" that i got from the dangerous minds website. her book is about caring for her elderly parents and nursing homes and aging and death. it took her 13 years to draw and write. i've been going through a similar experience with my grandmother for a while. the processes and transitions that aging brings and some of the things ms. farmer talks about really ring as the truth. it's something we don't really think about until we're confronted with it in real life, and really, there's no way one could accurately imagine it: getting old and losing our grips on self-sufficiency and reality. it's a fucking bummer. but i guess one of those important meaningful bummers. (a joyful bumming. peaceful bummer. new word: peacebumming. "no, it's cool. it's more of peacebumming. it's important") honestly, caring for and being around my grandmother the past year and a half has been the heaviest, funniest, most frustrating, and most important series of experiences i've had. i can't wait to find and read the book. the interview also goes into her 60s and 70s comic work and feminist artworks. this lady is my new hero.

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terri said...

chills up and down. you're an amazing person in countless ways.