Tuesday, December 14, 2010

blur coast

here's a couple snaps from the recent trip out to los angeles

the first night or two we stayed over by philip marlowe's house. he wasn't home and sadly, neither were his neighbors.

chris made us a wall. legit!

sweet little shelves for the dudes. KD's and my stuff went together like brothers from different mothers.

look who showed up!

look at this weird animal.

i also listened to this record a bunch. it's required if you drive through arizona. they give it to you at the border. this video is from the club about a mile from where i live. i think i was in 2nd or third grade when they played that night. maybe 20 miles away. now i am posting a video of them on the internet on my weblog. technology!

- wait they changed the video on me! the one i put up was from 85. weak.

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