Saturday, July 4, 2009

slowww hymns and personal beatles

i've heard of slow food. that's where you eat what's around you: local natural foods that aren't run through the processing plants. it's when you treat food with respect and love and make the preparation and eating experiences an art. i am all for it, even if it's a little hard sometimes and not entirely convenient. or cheap. but that's not the point right now. what about SLOW MUSIC? what about sitting down and enjoying the creativity of those around you: your friends and neighbors. and precisely because it is so close to you it's even better. we all breathe the same air and eat at the same weird burrito place and catch the same bus. there were many times in the past years where i've though to myself, "why aren't my friends famous? can't the world see that they are the best band in the world? is there no justice in the world?" well, when it comes down to the worlds of art and music commerce, no actually, there is no justice. but then why does one think that creative power deserves a cash equivalent? hmmmm. maybe that's a discussion for another time. the whole jist is this: it's nice to have a personal beatles. or a private thin lizzy. my friends The Impossible Shapes played their final show because everybody is moving away. they've played together for 10 years, basically since high school. and when they were on, dude, i felt like was 15. their performance last night brought back a lot of memories and sweaty hugs. there's bands and musicians all over the place that are just like this. they'll never be on MTV and they'll be amazing and be the most important art in somebody's life for a while. and that's enough. that is so enough.


rob said...

this is great. i love this.

AMD said...

dude, don't you know?
heaven is slowwwwwwwwwww

Jamie Watson said...

Such a wonderful post.

Buddy Nuggets said...

rap on man, keep on rappin.

terri said...


reading this post over and over, day after day.

boldest truth, stated so well. thanks brother.