Friday, July 10, 2009


Buddy System

a project of Little Paper Planes

Aline Cautis, Caitlin Gallupe, Claire Grill, Matt Momchilov, Bridget Moser, Nathaniel Russell, David Wilson, and Jess Wheaton.

Buddy System consists in equal parts of the physical work within it, and the artists' multifarious social landscape that trails out the gallery door. Once four artists were selected to participate in Buddy System, curatorial control was rescinded. Each artist was then asked to invite another artist he or she knows and admires to join the fold, in the interest of honoring real-life influences over thematic idealism. This expanded relationship between the work and the world brings together 8 artists from both coasts of the US and Canada. Their pieces now hang collectively as one many-faceted entity, rendering Buddy System both a group show, and a room in which the ties of real-life friendship and respect rehearse and enhance themselves.

In conjunction with the show, Little Paper Planes has debuted a series of publications featuring the work of each artist.

i'm in a show with some amazing people and they made books for each one of us. included, and the reason i am in the show, is tight bud David Wilson of ribbons fame. how do you spell epic: Y.E.S.


leisure time said...

channeling ellsworth

A A D D A A M M C C said...

stoked to grab your book.

nathaniel russell said...

thanks, dude. it's kind of a best-of-the-blog from the past year or so.