Tuesday, July 28, 2009

golden tymes pt. 1

went to ohio to pick up ole chris.
we were heading out on long weekend of listening to old metallica tapes and driving to the woods.
pack it up, pack it in: let (us) begin.

but first: some rest stop pilates

side trip to braddock, pa to visit the other man in the van and all around talented and inspirational go-getter: bill daniel
ended up walking down by the tracks on our way to an old abandoned hydro-electric power plant

slip through the cracks

the power of PA

just climbing around on giant propellors: no big whoop

it appears we are not the first to have been brought here by mr. daniel

investigations into the underbelly

shop talk

don't forget your good ideas

manager's office.
braddock is a place to go right now. maybe a mini-detroit in the sense that there's hardly anybody left and there's lots of empty buildings to get into and make good.

i'm a big fan of bill's houseboat pictures. i bought one as big as my couch. no joke.

bill showed us big pictures of piles and carnage.

then we saw the real deal.

piles of styles

moments of magic
after the pink pile and a bowl of beans we scooted.
more to come in part two.


AMD said...

Chrinicles of Los Rad Guys!
This looks like an amazing summer journey...

A A D D A A M M C C said...

dang. burning vernon & m. slaughter. that guy's photos are amazing. you are a lucky bastard to have a giant one.

Jamie Watson said...

rad adventure!