Wednesday, July 29, 2009

golden tymes pt. 2

back in the van!
off to the olde country to pitch a tent next to a pond
stop it don't stop it
a band, a baby, a butt
chris said he saw a bear but all i saw was evidence of massive chilling
we made fast friends
conspiracies abounded. these two were the reason for the season. linda (on who's land i slept) and juliette (on who's land we raged)
then i started to feel like a hippie in a good way
jump in the fire!
hot pink
morning slugs in the shoes.
linda's tree house steps, in the flesh!
just some dudes, no big deal
then we drove home and i fell in love with a dolphin
and i got heckled by some teenage creeps for taking a picture of a rainbow. all in all: awesome times, awesome folks, and awesome feelings all at once.

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Choinacky said...

Take me to these places in the van.