Friday, April 25, 2008


every now and again i do a little silkscreening for the mollusk brothers and sisters.
here are some scenes from the printing process.

every printer needs a paper dawg.

the flotsam and the jetsam and the essential ingredients.

the red and the black. (forgot the white)

before and after. the best part about making prints is that you get the joy and/or stress of making a finished product about a hundred times in a row.

actually, this is the best part. when you're done.
stoked to print this poster for such a talented dude. there are times when i look at his work and shake my fist at the sky. damn you, mcfetridge! you win again!

UPDATE: photos here:


Shipworm&Gribble said...

those are dope yo. thanks for keeping it hard body!

charlie g said...

nice, how do I get me one of those?

jean jullien said...

did you print those on yellow paper or did you print the yellow first?

how can I get one of them?