Monday, March 11, 2013

still more shameless self promotion

oh snap! there is an interview with me in the new issue (april) of juxtapoz art magazine! 
what a line-up of artists! steadman? come on!
and whoa buddy, look at that spread! my friend and amazing photographer andrew hutchison came over and took this portrait in my living room. my parents will be pumped (i think) and now i can take this and rub it in my Drawing 2 professor's face and scream "i told you i thought that all this colored pencil rendering was stupid and you gave me a D but now i am an art success and a millionaire so eat it and now eat this magazine!.... i'm sorry, i don't mean it. in the long run those horrible colored pencil anatomy drawing assignments were probably helpful and i'm sure you were doing your best. let's go get some coffee and we can talk about how i've been forever scarred because i knew you never liked me" or something to that brutal effect!! seriously, though, ms. kristin farr (the interviewer) and i talked for a long time about a lot of different things and she did a great job and made me feel at ease. being interviewed is weird but at least i got to talk about that one part with the sandwich in "Back To School".
but oh man, back to that portrait. here is an uncropped and unretouched version of the photo so i can show you all the crap i surrounded my self with that has secret meaning:
1. a very small chair my grandpa grumpy (that's right) made for me
2. a portrait of kurt vonnegut and his dog sitting on a bed talking on the phone
3. a book about medieval cities with an antonio frasconi cover
4. a chair my grandpa doc (yes) made for me to sit on while playing cello
5. a drawing of a whale made of a thousand little flowers by katie coles
6. a ceramic cat
7. bozo texino photo by bill daniel
8. dadawah "peace and love" LP
9. my favorite mug
10. a strange false leg that once modeled socks, i think
11. my mom's old rad shelving
12. a puffy fabric picture of a cat
13. carl jung "man and his symbols"
14. the music section of the library
15. a wooden peace symbol hand
16. robert plant

i tried to get julius, the cat, to sit on my lap but he would not cooperate. he could have been famous!


Kevin said...

My cats name is Julius too.

Terry Border said...

Good interview. Most enjoyable.