Monday, March 25, 2013


sometimes i go to the internet and find videos of concerts and let them roll while i'm working on a drawing or goofing on some other. i was happy to find this because it has always been a joy and inspiration to see what mr. pajo is making. the late 90s were a good time for that. i used to go for long bike rides late at night in the summertime in muncie with aerial m on the headphones, cruise through the empty streets during the coolest part of the day. cut off shorts and a loose button up blowing in the breeze. after i saw him play in bloomington i went looking for a looping pedal. these guys are going for it and they don't even know it. they probably know it, but it's more evident in retrospect maybe.
ten years later, how stoked was i when i got to play music on the same night way back when? how stoked was i that he was playing all misfits covers? i got to geek out a little and he told me some good stories about touring with samhain when he was 17. that is a good memory. is it weird to put yourself into somebody else's zone like that? are you trying to vampire suck that energy from them or are you just excited in an innocent and pure way? is it maybe both a little? the boundaries get blurred if there are any boundaries. let's think of it as a soul high five. even if one is left hanging, it's still a high five with another self that doesn't even understand that it is indeed high fiving you on a deeper level.
in conclusion, i was happy to find this video of a papa m concert and it made me excited to play some music and want to go to a small venue and see a dude sitting down playing guitar with or without other people for a long time.

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