Thursday, March 7, 2013


the other day i was reading an interview online with my buddy michael taylor of the musical group hiss golden messenger, within which he's asked about reggae music and it's appeal to him as musician. his answer as this: "Well, it’s roots, you know? It’s rootsy in the same way that a Waylon Jennings record is rootsy. Disregarding issues of what is “authentic” or “real,” it’s just roots." fair enough, i say! i went on reading the interview and it's a good one and you should probably read the whole thing because it's insightful and funny and all those good things we like. but as the days have gone on, as i drive around i keep thinking about roots. "it's roots." you know what? that shit is real. and i'm not just talking about reggae music, although that does really fit the bill. i'm talking about boiling things down to the minimum or it's essence. and THAT is what all the stuff i've been into or that's inspired me or made me feel wild has in common. roots! and usually for me that means a person and whatever simple tool they are using to make their art. just a person or a group of persons conjuring up some beauty or magic for themselves or the rest of us. getting down to the human stuff, that is what gets me in music and art and everything else really. so thanks michael taylor for bringing that to my attention which is something i've always kind of known but needed some reminding of. i like the idea of adding to the history of being a human without making it about the tool your using, i guess is what i mean. i think i am also just really tired of looking at a computer screen all the time an having to plug things in. maybe it's reactionary roots? i hope not. maybe this is all part of a process of carrying on being alive and thinking more about why you are doing what you're doing and what is you are actually doing. i am tired of thinking about it now.
now check out this video of jean dubuffet that i think is great and very inspiring. 


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