Monday, July 16, 2012

welcome to the working week

hello again. i am showing a bunch of new things at ed. varie in new york city. the opening party is on thursday from 6 to 9. if you are in new york or the vicinity come on over. it would be nice to see you in person and we can enjoy this new york summer night all together. and you can tell me where some good cheap food is and can i please stay on your couch?
no, in all seriousness i am very excited about this show. the people of ed. varie are good folks and remember this? when i made some lithographs? they were for this show. i made some new big drawings that i am proud of and i am stuffing the rental car full of stuff to bring. it will be fun and i am so very thankful for the opportunity to put a roomful of things i've made on display for you to look at. 
and then on sunday it is a reunion of sorts for some of us and strictly just magical stuff when this goes down in prospect park. truly a good time will be had by all and it's going to be like a high five to your soul.

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