Friday, July 6, 2012

design issues

 my buddy todd gifted me this grateful dead bootleg he found in florida and now i will talk about it.
 the sticker said "decent show" but who cares what is great about this is the packaging.
-photo shot from the crowd, printed in blue ink
-no title on the front
 -lowercase credits
-rad record label logo 
-photo of jerry with some trippy sunglasses
-still all one color
and it's all just one piece of poster board printed all at once and then folded up. i wish i had made this. don't you wish more things looked like this? shampoo bottles, cereal, pasta packaging? totally going to use this method for some stuff this fall. 
bonus photo of the business card of a local head shop with a jerry bear in a wizard cloak. they now have this amazing sign out front where the ampersand is a bong that is rainbow colored. why isn't there a coffee table book of stoner design?

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