Wednesday, July 25, 2012

stoke wednesdays

hey let's get stoked today.

you know i've seen maria kalman's books in the bookstore and i've flipped through them and they are beautiful. but have i ever really read them like READ them? obviously not or i would have bought them. i like what she's talking about, i like how she's talking about it, and i like her. it would be really fun to go to her house for dinner, i bet. have i told you that i want to start a book this year? i do and i will.  a book about being alive and how wonderful and stupid all this is. this is inspiring for me.


SAM FLAX - Fire Doesn't Burn Itself from SAM FLAX on Vimeo.

my friend sam made a video for a song from his record. it's so good! sam is one of the most multi-talented, multi-faceted and multi-multi dudes i've had the pleasure to have known in my short life thus far. i am so stoked that other people are getting a little taste of the things he has to offer and share with the world. this also is inspiring to me! let's do shit with ourselves! 

stoke tip:
you know what i figured out gets me stoked? doing push ups. i only did about 20 push ups last night but immediately afterward i felt good and katie forced me to dance around a little bit and i felt stupid but then awesome. also: riding your bike, riding your skateboard, just walking around. whatever gets the blood moving and the juices flowing. let's make them juices flow because they make the thoughts flow and that's when the good stuff happens.


elka weber said...

I am very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very excited for your book. And do modified push-ups count?

nathaniel russell said...

yes they totally count. you can even do wall push ups.