Monday, June 11, 2012

warehouse score

whilst digging through some old boxes and crusted up files, i have discovered a treasure trove of long forgotten works and relics in ye olde crooked arm archive. 
for instance: way back in 2006 i made this print as part of the "print of the month" thing i was trying to do at the time. i abandoned this project shortly after it's first cycle because i was deemed too unreliable and was repeatedly tardy with deliveries. (i haven't forgotten you, my subscribers, however, and i owe you all a debt of gratitude) this particular print was called "gold light" and it was an accordian book. you can look at the original post right HERE on this very blog. well, as luck would have it, i found some perfectly good unfolded artist proofs in pristine condition buried beneath stacks of letters, erotic drawings, credit card bills, and sketches for plans as yet unrealized. it is printed on a brownish, newsprint-colored recycled stock with brown and gold kind-of-glittery ink. it's a drawing of some san francisco victorian sunset magic hour plant life takeover peaceful easy feeling. it is 10x16 inches.
also, i'm pretty sure this print is famous, as it has been seen HERE in this book by mike perry about contemporary screen printing. published!
i don't know what to do with these things, so i am offering them up to the people of the (internet) earth for purchase and inclusion into their personal collections. i would rather these find their way into the world than be cooped up in my basement cave. 
you can get yourself one HERE.

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