Thursday, July 7, 2011


this book is out now (i think). "PULLED: A CATALOG OF SCREEN PRINTING" by Mike Perry.

dudes, i got a section!

such awesome reproductions.

some oldies but goldies all over the place.

here's some by mike perry himself. how sick is that door one?

seriously, so much amazing stuff in this book. this work is by anna giertz. such goodness.

david maron. so nice. this whole book is getting me really hyped on prints again. i highly suggest picking one up. it will get you stoked and look nice on the shelf. thank you, mike perry.


magical said...

nice!! gonna pick it up for sure.

Hiss Golden Messenger said...

funny, we just put up the "two days in big sur" poster AND the "gold light" house book/print of yours at our new house in durham!