Thursday, June 14, 2012

new mellows

 i am getting worn out on the internet. i have to be on the computer to make money most of the time but  i think it sucks me into meaningless information black holes. my brain gets too occupied with things i don't really care about. i'd much rather draw, read a book, and listen to 70's grateful dead concerts all day. why can't someone pay me to that? like a medical experiment. like the movie "altered states" but instead of coming out of the isolation tank a werewolf or whatever that was i emerge as a mellow human with a little bit of a mustache and wearing loose-fitting clothing.

 there was a scientific discovery a while back that there are certain sound frequencies that only teenagers can hear. it's like a high pitch dog whistle that is used sometimes on cell phone rings or to stop kids from hanging out places where they are unwanted. i think there is a similar frequency for people over age 32 that can only be heard in 4 or 5 grateful dead albums, the entire steely dan catalog, and paul simon's "graceland." this does not diminish the effect of the much-loved and more aggressive music of my youth, it merely adds a pleasant calmness and the faint scent of body odor to my normal drive time and work day audio accompaniment. 

i'm working on it though. i spent the last couple days in heavy studio mode and kicking some new things around. it feels good and healthy.
these guys know what i'm talking about.
also, katie made me a home-made steal your face sticker for my van in recognition of my new phase in life. julius approves.

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