Friday, July 29, 2011

what's up, japan?

what's up, squirrel dogberry and super nova? you're coming with me.

what's up, future self? when did you figure it out?

what's up, future sons? thanks for letting me live with you when i get old. and, again, sorry about your eyes.

what's up, turtle? wanna hang out?

what's up, john. how was that insanely good food?

what's up, dome? can i live in you?

what's up, "fashion is for losers" t shirt? why do you cost $100?

-back home now and feeling the real life insanity of jet lag in reverse. it is a real thing and i think i just saw a ghost.
-that cafe above is called alaska. we had the best vegetarian lunch set ever made. saw a mollusk sticker, an old art show poster of mine from mollusk, and they were playing a birds of america (that's my band) song on the stereo. seriously. it was surreal. i realized that this place was run by mori, a buddy from the band gabby and lopez. it is a small world and everyone i met in tokyo was really welcoming, nice, and supportive. it was incredible. i am never allowed to complain about anything in my life ever again.

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alex said...

Great pictures, and I love the titles below them, they're pretty funny:)!