Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Public Notice

Public Notice is a new booklet i've made that collects all the fake fliers i've been making, including some unseen new fliers and some installation photos. $6.

it measures 8.5x11 inches and has 28 pages and a cover.

all are numbered and signed in an edition of 50. there is the possibility of a second edition with a different cover or something, but we'll cross that bridge if we ever come to it.

hold onto your pants, there is a "DELUXE EDITION"!

"DELUXE EDITION" includes the Public Notice booklet and a commemorative tote bag featuring everyone's favorite revolutionary, pierre. silkscreen on a natural colored tote. severely limited quantities on this one. $15.

UPDATE: DELUXE EDITION IS SOLD OUT. bummer. keep your eyes peeled for the commemorative tote bag repress available separately in the coming weeks. thanks.

Q: where can i get it?
A: at my online shop HERE

Q: is shipping included>
A: if you live in the USA: YES. otherwise i have to charge for postage.

Q: what if i just want to look at the fliers but don't want to buy your little magazine?
A; you can look at almost all of them HERE

Q: is pierre real?
A: look in the mirror when you ask me that.


kate! said...

is this printed on standard copy paper?

also, i just went to your shop and the deluxe edition says it is already sold out. i just wanted to check if that's for real since you just posted this entry today.

k, thanks for all your info! i can't wait to order one :)

nathaniel russell said...

hey kate: yes standard copy paper 11x17 folded in half. and yeah, the deluxe edition sold out really fast. there's a chance for a repress of the bags, in which case they will probably just be available separate from the book. thanks!