Tuesday, January 20, 2009


hello my dudes.
at long last, the 2009 calendar is in production or soon will be. like last year, i'm late, but a little less late. this year's calendar is from february 15th 2009 to february 14th 2010. i am one month less late. but we are just in time, right? right.
this year there are a few changes:
-the calendar is more colorful and will be printed by the talented printers at bloom press, oakland. they are way better printers than me and it will look super sweet.
-due to some confusion and disorganization, i ran out of calendars super quick last year. this year i am doing this thing where if you want to jump in early and pre-order it, you can do so and be sure to get one.
-it's an edition of 100. 50 will be sold through here, another 50 will go to a few stores so if you want you can go get one in person. all signed and numbered, printed on yellow recycled paper, 3 color silkscreen, 18x24 inches.
-they should be around and able to be shipped around the first week of february. for sure in time for the calendar to kick in on the 15th. if there's a problem i'll let you know.
this year's theme is helping out your buds.

they are $35 with shipping included.
packaged in a thick tube with lots of packing.
click on the button below to pre-order:

thanks again for looking and for the support.
2009 will whup it.