Tuesday, January 13, 2009


hi. so as part of my i-just-got-burgled recovery campaign i'm going to be posting items of possible interest for sale over the next few weeks. this campaign will eventually morph into the uncle-natty's-new-van fundraising drive but that's another story. first up is the poster i made last week of a couple pocahaunted and sun araw shows. these bands are great. i rarely make show posters these days, but that sun araw record has been in heavy rotation lately so i felt an obligation. they might be selling these on tour or at shows in the next few weeks, but i have a handful left that i'm putting up here. all the information is below. thanks for looking and i should be back in full bilbo bloggins mode in a few days.

pocahaunted / sun araw bay area tour poster
silkscreen on yellow recycled paper
edition of 50, signed and numbered
$15 postage included in the USA
(if you are in another country email me and we'll make it happen)


maude said...

sorry you got burgled :(

maude said...
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aristid kuwalda said...
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