Saturday, January 10, 2009


dudes, i got burgled.
there's gonna be some blog silence for a while as it all gets sorted.
if anybody sees some dude riding around on two bikes with a camera and a laptop, make a citizens arrest and you will be handsomely rewarded. surprisingly, oakland pd is sending over the fingerprint technician as i type this on my housemate's Dell.
just keeping you, my blog buds, informed.
don't worry, julius is unscathed.
upon return, there will be much to talk about: the new calendar, the new spirit animals, the rad package i just got from j. spears, new art shows, and how despite some immediate roadblocks, 2009 is gonna whup it.


magical said...

my car got broken into last week and they took flick's "pee towel". i hope some sad bastard has their face buried in it!

jesse said...

i'm sending my good friend satan after those dudes, or dude...he's totally going down! 666

melissa said...

god damn hamburgler

Sheabones said...

WEAK! In unweak news, the Mervin's on Masonic is abandoned since the chain went bust, rendering a street garden of manual pads, slappy curbs and many other delights. The old man seshwon yesterday was epic!