Friday, October 17, 2008


me and linda got to hang in the big city and we killed it. here we are watching "man on wire" (again) in an empty theater in the middle of the day. then some other dudes showed up. it was ok though, that movie is epic and good to share. what is it about wasting a perfectly gorgeous day in a movie theater that i find so satisfying?

here is the shot from the couch, mid-enchilada party as the wolfkings practiced. it was a mellowly deep treat and aided my digestion. deeply.

last day in the city, i just walked around the park all day.

it's amazing that this beautiful place is in the middle of a giant brutal city. it's also really creepy in that it gave me some really heavy post-apocalyptic vibes about nature containment and control. pretty, though.

blue hums

so glad i got to see and meet so many great people when i visited. you know what, new york ain't so bad. there will be more to come, including a really heavy art show review posting and video of a dude smoothing cement.
i love you for looking at this.


freshpinkstyle said...

Deitch was closed on Sunday and Monday, so we didn't get to see the awesomeness, so you better post a lot of photos! Great to bump into you in the big city!

matthew feyld said...

Man on Wire was an amazing experience.