Friday, October 10, 2008

also and again

if you are around sf tonight, go see jay nelson's show at triple base, on 24th street. jay is an amazing artist and if i hadn't met jay, i never wold have got involved with all these dudes and ladies at mollusk who i now count as tight bros for life. you may have seen his honda crx with the hut built onto it around town. maybe you've seen his treehouses in mollusks across the nation. i wish i was there to see it, but i'll catch it on my return. go and check out the incredible things people are up to, starting tonight with jay.

also, i just found this photo of him sniffing a 2x4 at the airport:


seamouse said...

Went and checked out the joyful bewilderment. Thought you might like to know it scored a big 10 on the awesomeness scale.

nathaniel russell said...

awesome. trans-atlantic!