Thursday, October 2, 2008

this moment. now this one. now this one.

alright, things to get crackin on (if i type it out maybe i'll actually do it for once):
-start to make small comic books
-make that book for the kids
-get silky screening again
-stop being lazy
-finish up the stuff that's laying around
-learn how to animate things
-make a million dollars or find a bag of money or preferably a car filled with money
-grow hair long but not like a hippie
-send letters (i bought a book of stamps today, send me your address)
-do sit ups
-go big!
-convince people to let me do things, art things
-quit being a flake
-buy a new x-acto
-write epic poem, like Homer
-become a gourmet


Patrick said...

i hear you on that! keep up the good work, sir.

Sheabones said...

- get that box from Comet!

brianwyrick said...

Send Me A letter!