Tuesday, September 23, 2008

love notes

-one week left until deadline for your memorable foam submissions. think smurf, live garfield.
-i saw the arthur russell documentary last night. it is the week of good movies. so amazing that he left behind enough music for several lifetimes. i listened to "world of echo" when i went for coffee this morning. masterpiece.
-above tote bag is what you get when you go to london and go the art show i posted below. the slapper goblin.
-who wants to go big? now is the time for hope and disregard for any lasting legacy. go big and go now. big color and wide expanses. remember how we were going to open the gate in 2008? do it then.
-i am going to new york for a week soon. give me suggestions of what to do. besides rage.

1 comment:

Frank said...

hey homey...
im in new york ready to welcome you with open arms...