Thursday, September 11, 2008

digging a hole

i live in a house with a backyard now. there is a hole where a tree stump used to be. it reminds me of these things:
-nobody digs holes anymore. it seems like in olden times somebody was always digging a ditch or a hole or something.
-when i approached my friend joe about starting a label to put out a 45 for me, i said, "hey, man. i have this big hole over here. do you want to throw $500 into it?"
-my cat is super into this dirt

not to keep going on about my art show, but mollusk has some really nice photos of the show and individual pieces in their online gallery. much nicer photos than i have. let us never mention it again.


porter hovey said...

Ohhh! I see a great project!!

magical said...

andrew started to dig a hole the other day where our fire pit is only to find that the hole was already about 2 feet deep. we didn't know that yet because it was full of ash and half burnt porn mags.

jesse said...

aaahahaha this is so good