Wednesday, September 10, 2008

global village

these are two art shows i get to be in that are in other countries. a major dream for me is to be able to go to another continent or across an ocean to make art or be in an art show. places i would like to go someday: sweden, japan, france, brazil, and most of all new zealand. people of new zealand, i am sending you bring-nat-russell-to-new-zealand vibes.

big show in london at the rough trade store. lots of friends and people i admire all up in this. i also get to make a tote bag and tea towel (!) for this. more on that later as it develops.

big big show in sao paulo for which i also got to make the poster. the museum for this one will be insane. again, lots of friends and people i think are great in this. i really want to get down there for this and perhaps wear a speedo or thong.


Santos SurfArt said...

Hey Nat,
Will be a great pleasure to have you here in Brasil.
I also will borrow my own special tiger speedo for you!
When I wear that, all the girls run to me on the beach...

Jamie Watson said...

Oh my gosh you guys are cracking me up.

lavender cowboy said...

you in a speedo... you will have to post a photo of you in such attire. you MUST. please.

Abbyg said...

you have to get a special bikini wax, Dude!