Sunday, January 27, 2008


man, i've been busy.
but not so busy that i can't freak out on a firehose tape while blazing across the bay bridge with a buddy and tweaking on some bummer zen haiku. but really, how great was firehose? i got this tape at dk skateshop in kokomo indiana. they had a really scary sheet metal vert ramp in the back of a bowling alley. i think i was 14 or something. this is a nostalgia trip, but dang: watt forever! i will now commence wearing a beret daily (for bummer zen) and learning how to stroke the boomstik with flair (for jamming econo).
get to work!
(also, nice how they wrote "firehouse" on the video title.)
also this:

i skated downtown indianapolis for like 8 years or something and i never found those banks he's skating. but i did drop in on a lot of dirt piles.


zack said...

I got the tape at Discount Den in Bloomington when I was 13....dude, welcome to our mid-american upbringing! But this song...I saw Natas skate to it in Speed Freaks and I was hooked!

AguiLara said...

Makin' the freeway safe for the ... FREEWAY!


It was around christmas time and i was a bad kid....i would snoop around in my parents closet to see what they bought me. (I never really believed in santa). Going deeeeeep into the back of their closet (with butterflies roaring in my little stomach) i found a Jeff Kendall deck (the graffiti one)and was so excited i nearly fainted.

Later on in the mom took me to the local skate shop in ohio, so that i could pick out one new present for myself. Of course i wanted a t-shirt to match me new (yet to be opened)skateboard. When i showed my mom the shirt i wanted, she knew instantly that i was snooping around in her closet. I had so much guilt inside, i had to tell her. I think i might of even cried.

Later that year, team santa cruz did a demo in a parking lot in my hometown. I got Jeff to sign my shirt. I still have it somewhere.


brianwyrick said...

im not quite as old school... i still love some fireHOUSE.