Monday, January 28, 2008


do you stop and pick up pennies that are heads up?
do you walk under ladders?
do you give the evil eye?
do you avoid the black cat?
it's real, man.
i was walking to get a burrito today and i picked up a penny (head's up of course) and i said to myself, "if this penny is real, the people walking in front of me will not go in the burrito shop ahead of me", thus making me wait longer. but they went in. the penny was bunk. but then, waiting in line, i changed my order at the last minute and ate a delicious taco, my new favorite food at the burrito store. so, despite my attempt to test the power of the coin, the penny turned out to be good luck and gave me the gift of a taco decision. the moral of the story is, take the luck as it is given, friends, and don't put your own desires ahead of what the world has in store. what you thought was gonna be a short wait in line will turn out to be a patience-building exercise in mexican food diversity.
i am available for seminars and demonstrations at your local community center or school function. price: one million dollars.

(above image is from the LP "horus" by the impossible shapes, drawn by myself in the year 2003)

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seamouse said...

Your diamondy type part looks just like the diamondy type wave I did lately. Guess that makes me 5 years behind you in the diamond doodles timeline.