Monday, January 7, 2008

knew NRG

erik bluhm is one of my favorite artists. his collages are stunning and they need to be seen in person for real. if you live in LA or close you should go to this. erik is a super dude and knows a lot about a lot of things. go! so much good art happening in los angeles this month. i smell another car rental approaching. pt cruisin' for life!

Erik Bluhm - "Cooperate With The Energy And Anything That Happens"
12 January—9 February 2008
Reception for the artist on Saturday, 12 January from 7—10 pm

For this show at David Patton Los Angeles, Bluhm will present a number of medium and large-scale collages. The images form symbols and shapes or, as Bluhm describes them, "iconic images and shapes that are forms identifiable as significant, yet only inherently. They withhold too much to qualify as concretely vital, yet in their shapes and designs are embedded the often thorny markers of being, sometimes cryptically representative, sometimes transparent and spiritual."

David Patton
Los Angeles
5006 1/2 York Boulevard
Los Angeles, California

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