Wednesday, December 19, 2007

push air

coming to los angeles and santa barbara this weekend.
going to austin next weekend.
who among us has let the dogs out?
i have the jinglecats address in hollywood.


christopher said...

Hey Nat..met your friend Linda the treehouse lady yesterday...we spoke about luring you out to NYC. I have some ideas about shows..the space next to Mollusk in Brooklyn is very cozy and sweet. we should chat sometime... c

Toddy said...

I sure like these drawings.

nathaniel russell said...

the schemesters...
i'm coming out there march-ish to see danielle's show, visit, and get freaked out. my email is this: crookedarm (the 'at' symbol so a robot can't email me) gmail.
thanks for thinking of a dude.

nathaniel russell said...

thanks, toddy.
i appreciate your viewing. i never know if i should respond to the rad comments people leave on here in this fashion, because it feels weird to comment on your own blog.
but thanks!

minardi said...

Nice ones, dude. The bottom drawing looks like a colon.

Toddy said...

Eh, commenting on your own blog may be what its all about in some sort of artsy way.

Colons are awfully cute.