Thursday, December 13, 2007

it's all around you

again with the week. enough already. let me loose!

it is important to remember to take care of yourself so you don't get sick. everybody is sick, man. do some locust.

maybe you are not fully aware of the misfits cover band i am in. we have gone through a series of names: myth-fitz, omelette of disease, barf brunch, etc. right now we are documenting our righteous sound because abby g (the Doyle of the group) is moving to chicago on christmas. weak. anyway, last night we were in the studio laying down tasty vocal tracks and harmonizing up a storm. our mission is to play these songs fairly poorly, in a way that you could play it for your mom, although you could never play it for your mom (lyrically). so far it has been a success.

in no way whatsoever are we playing around. graham and abby g (in turban).

feeling it, basically.

then this morning i found this collage on the street. so many questions. there was major road construction near by, was it buried? somebody did not just throw it out, they left it for someone else. maybe you? 24th and san jose.


minardi said...

I like the tiny Sade in the corner.

Abigail said...

dude, shit makes me wanna puke