Friday, December 7, 2007


i got a cold and it is horrible. but i am powering through and determined to whip a cold's ass. so i went back to the old house to use the silkscreen room and see some buddies.

spent last night and this morning busting out these posters for thomas campbell's show at mollusk tonight. it was so hard for some reason. nothing goes right. stressssssssssing on this one. it was designed by thomas and jeff canham and it looks nice. there will be a handful at the opening tonight, not many, because i am a terrible silkscreener.


score #2

oh yeah, made these tote bags for simone's band to sell on tour. nice for records!

patron saint of silkscreen

wall fodder


finally got my board set up. sweet cruising and cube gleaming left and right.

always forget about this big mike mills thing somebody pulled out of the trash at a museum. big willie syle.

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