Wednesday, September 18, 2013


ok so here i will tell you about something that has happened. the band the impossible shapes got back together and played two shows in central indiana a couple weeks ago and let me tell you: i felt a happiness and joy that can only come from the reappearance of old ghosts and sounds and friendly faces in the form of music and songs sung by people. maybe you have that special thing: a relationship to a band's music and to the band itself that the mere strumming of the opening chords to a ten-year-old song brings a smile to your lips and definite twinkle to your toes. man, i love these guys. and it is a special thing to hear these songs played by old friends and be flooded with memories of indianapolis in the summertime, bloomington in the winter, oakland warehouses, north berkeley mornings and a really great tyrannosaurus rex cover. i am so grateful that  i got to make some art for these guys over the years, travel some, meet up in far-off places and share time just so the end result could be me feeling all of that stuff in a flush of memory and energy for an hour two weeks ago. what a thing! it's been great to see these fine fellows play music in so many other incarnations over the years: the coke dares, magnolia electric company, daring ear, horns of happiness, normanoak, and the list continues to grow. and sometimes coming home to the roots of things is just a magical thing and i'm thankful! these are the good ones!
this is that tyrannosaurus rex cover!

this is just an amazing song of theirs!

carry on.
and remember when we all played at ian's house and sam sung on the t.rex cover? 2004? wow!

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